Lagerstroemia Red Rocket®

Lagerstroemia Red Rocket®

New foliage is crimson, and in autumn the leaves turn bright orange!

Red Rocket® is a delightful small tree for every season, with new red foliage for spring, huge clusters of cherry-red blossoms for summer, and more blooms plus bright orange foliage for fall! Disease-resistant and easy to grow, it's the Crapemyrtle you've been looking for.

When this tree leafs out in spring, the new leaves are an eye-catching crimson before turning green for summer. The blooms arise in early summer, erupting from fat round buds into giant 8-inch clusters crammed with attention-getting red color. They last for several weeks, only to return in autumn for another big show. And when the first cold weather arrives, the foliage on this tree turns a rich orange!

Red Rocket® reaches 20 to 30 feet high and just 8 to 10 feet wide. It has an elegant multistemmed vase shape, or may be trained to one trunk. Thriving in any well-drained soil -- even the poor ones of urban areas -- it asks only for adequate drainage and frequent watering during dry periods. (Drought won't kill this tree, but it does reduce flowering for the season.) It blooms on new wood, but you needn't prune it back unless it becomes too large for your garden. Easy and very low maintenance!

Give Red Rocket® full sun. It makes a stunning hedge, growing very quickly. Good anthracnose and mildew resistant make it far more garden-worthy than older varieties, and the color is magnificent! Zones 6-9. Cannot ship to AZ.