Red Spider Lily

Red Spider Lily

Brilliant Late-season Color that Spreads!

Every garden deserves the beauty of Spider Lilies . . . and every gardener deserves the carefree growth and maintenance of this long-lived bulb! Rely on these fascinating crimson blooms for brilliant late summer and early fall color that lasts for years.

These stunning 2-inch-diameter blooms sport incurved petals, long and slender ("spidery"!), surrounding a nectar-filled center that hummingbirds rely on for food at the end of summer, when other flowers may have passed in most gardens. The flowers are excellent for cutting too, so you may have to grow a few extra Spider Lilies to bring you brilliant indoor as well as outdoor color!

Each bulb sends up about 4 flowering stems. And each of these stems sets a cluster of 4 to 6 blooms. So you can expect about 20 blooms from every Spider Lily bulb. And the best part is that this perennial is happy to colonize where it is happy. Just leave it alone (Spider Lilies do not like to be re-planted or divided; they will tolerate it, but then they have to recover, which may cost you a season of heavy flowering) and it will multiply into great drifts over time. Nothing could be easier or more beautiful!

Related to Amaryllis, Spider Lily blooms best in part shade in most climates, preferring full sun only at the northern edge of its hardiness range. Plant the bulb with the top bit just above ground level, and mulch it in well if you live in a cold-winter climate. During summer, when the bulb is dormant and there is no aboveground growth, water it sparingly. There -- that's it for maintenance!

Plant Spider Lilies generously wherever you can in your landscape. They will repay you many times over, beginning the very first year! Zones 7-10.

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Fall Color
Mudfish from SC wrote on September 30, 2013

I love this plant - I always forget it's in the beds, then in September up it pops when all the other color is fading.