Red Sunblaze® Miniature Rose

Red Sunblaze® Miniature Rose

Unafraid of Long, Hot Summers!

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If the words "miniature rose" make you think of something in a pot, wrapped in foil and placed beside a hospital bed, let Red Sunblaze® transform all that! This is no hothouse rose that has been forced into bloom: it's a hardy French variety from the world-famous House of Meilland, ready to grow in the garden or your best container, braving winters through zone 5 in the north and blooming perpetually all summer long!

Red Sunblaze® was introduced in France under the fabulous name Prince Meillandina®, and the fact that the Meidilands put their own name on this red charmer indicates how much faith they have in its resilience, beauty, and garden appeal. Reaching 18 to 24 inches high and about 12 to 15 inches wide, Red Sunblaze® covers itself in healthy, glossy mid-green foliage and double blooms, held singly or in small clusters. Unscented and packed with petals, these red minis (sporting up to 22 petals each) are great for cutting as well as garden enjoyment.

Place Red Sunblaze® at the front of the foundation or border, or even use it as an accent beside the front steps, near a conversation area in the garden, or in elegant pots on the deck or balcony. It loves sunshine and fertile, well-drained soil, and needs no special attention to grow and bloom for many years. Enjoy the nonstop summer beauty of a continuously-flowering mini! Add Red Sunblaze® to your garden this season!