Red Sunblaze® 18-inch Tree Rose

Red Sunblaze® 18-inch Tree Rose

The Reddest Mini-Rose We've Ever Seen!

18-Inch Bareroot Tree
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Intensely colorful blooms are the calling card of this exceptional miniature rose. It is the reddest mini-rose ever seen. This petite, lightly scented beauty packs an oversized punch with its profusion of bright scarlet blossoms which have to be seen to be believed. The dazzling flowers are further elevated by its glossy green foliage which forms on a vigorous, free-branching shrub. It will grow to be about eighteen inches tall and will bloom its crimson blooms all season long. Red Sunblaze® flourishes in full sunlight and its compact, upright habit makes it a wonderful choice for containers and short hedges. Also makes a perfect rose for hanging on a porch for a show stopping accent. Make a bold elegant statement with this mini rose that stuns with its deep crimson double bloom petels.

Tree Roses in containers will make a lovely display on the deck or patio, on a balcony, or as a accent in the entryway of your home. Having them in containers makes it easier to move them to a protected area in colder climates where the threat of severe winter weather may occur.You can also plant Tree Roses directly in the garden. Again, choose an are that received at least 6 hours of sun per day. Prepare the soil in the are 2- to 3-days before planting. For bareroot tree roses, follow the pre-planting instructions that are included when your rose arrives. Once your tree rose is planted, caring for it is comparable to any other shrub rose that you may grow. You will surely enjoy seasons of unique beauty and beautiful blooms!Zones 5-11