Regular Sweet Corn Seed

One of the Easiest Plants to Grow from Seed

You might be surprised how easy it is to grow sweet corn from seed. Each stalk should produce at least one ear of corn so be sure you plant plenty of seeds for your sweet corn harvest. Plant the seeds in short blocks (instead of long rows) so that wind pollination between male and female plants is efficient. Regular sweet hybrid corn differs from field corn in that it doesn’t grow as tall as field corn and has thinner leaves. Sow a lot of seeds of the same variety of sweet corn seeds for maximum cob size and to avoid cross pollination. There are four varieties of best-eating, fresh-from-the-garden sweet corn grouped by flavor: standard corn, sugary enhanced corn, super sweet corn and triplesweet corn.

Native to the United States, sweet corn is a warm season crop that is part of the grass family. It needs consistent, adequate water and an extended frost-free growing time for the fullest and sweetest cobs of corn. The kernels may be bright yellow, or almost white and some regular sweet hybrid corn varieties will have multiple shades on a single ear. Modern corn seeds can be faster growing than heirloom. Sweet hybrid corn varieties are broken into categories based on their sugar content. Regular sweet hybrid corn has the classic and traditional taste and a firm texture. Hybrid sweet corn seeds are also more tolerant of soil temperatures and have a longer window of peak flavor.

Have you eaten fresh sweet corn from the garden? If not, you really should. Corn is at its peak of flavor for just a few days and so there is no match for sweet corn on the cob you’ve just tugged and twisted from the stalk. There are three easy ways to tell when your sweet corn is ready to harvest: 1. The tassels are turning brown; 2. The tip of the ear is rounded, not pointed; 3. The kernels ‘pop’ with a milky, white liquid when pierced with your fingernail.

You’re sure to be a sweet corn growing and eating fan once you’ve savored the unbeatable, fresh flavor of regular sweet hybrid corn harvested and eaten within the hour. There is truly no comparison.