Repels All Pest Repellent

Repels All Pest Repellent

The Most Comprehensive Animal Repellent!

1 Quart
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The most comprehensive animal repellent on the market, Repels All from Bonide is the answer for your garden problems stemming from nibbling animals. Whether it's deer or voles, rabbits or gophers, this all-natural, safe repellent will discourage wild creatures from feasting on your favorite plants!

This spray is composed of safe, all-natural elements such as garlic, dried blood, whole egg solids, clove, fish oil, onion and wintergreen. A single application lasts up to 2 months, and is entirely harmless to pets, children, and the environment. No harsh chemicals here!

Simply drench the foliage of all plants in the spray. Even edibles can be protected with Repels All! The solution is rain-fast after 6 hours, and will last up to 2 months (though it can be reapplied sooner, if needed). That's all there is to it!

Repels All works in three ways — touch, taste and smell — to keep invaders out of your garden and away from the tender leaves, fruit, and vegetables of your plants. There is no better, safer, or more effective way to repel garden pests without harming the environment or anything in it!

One-quart spray bottle.