Agrobite Replacement Bulb for Desktop Plant Light

Agrobite Replacement Bulb for Desktop Plant Light

Uses Just 27 Watts, but Puts Out 150 Watts of Light!

Item # 38771
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This replacement light bulb fits into the Agrobite Desktop Plant Light. A 4-pin full spectrum fluorescent plant light, it has a Color Rendering Index of 80-85, giving seedlings and plants a balanced mix of daylight and full-spectrum light while also providing humans with the equivalent of 150 watts of light to read by!

An energy-efficient bulb, this light uses only 27 watts of energy and lasts a long, long time. It is nice and bright, a good choice for a working desk where close work must be done, and ideal for sprouting seeds and growing plants. The best of both worlds, right on your desktop of work space!

We recommend stocking up on one spare replacement bulb for your Agrobite Desktop Plant Light, just in case. When you are starting your garden indoors from seed or overwintering your tender and tropical plants, you don't want to run out of light! And this light won't flicker or grow dimmer as it ages, so you don't get the usual warning that older bulbs give.

Enjoy year-round gardening with plant lights, and watch your seedlings really take off under the glow of full-spectrum light!