Replacement Tray for Bio Dome Gourmet Sprouting Kit

Replacement Tray for Bio Dome Gourmet Sprouting Kit

Keep Your Bio Dome Growing Strong with a New Inset Tray!

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When it's time to freshen up your Gourmet Sprouting Bio Dome, this replacement insert is the economical solution to keep your climate-controlled sprouter active for years! It fits perfectly into the bottom watering tray, and the drainage holes keep the seeds dry while the roots access moisture.

This white plastic tray is the key component of the Gourmet Greens Sprouting Kit. The drainage holes ensure that you can't overwater your seeds and sprouts, while the base watering tray makes water and nutrients available to trailing roots, and serves as a reservoir for runoff. With this tray, there's no possibility of excess moisture affecting your young plants.

The inset tray measures 10¾ inches long, 5½ inches wide, and 1½ inches deep, resting about half an inch above the base tray on four legs. Its drainage holes measure ¼-inch in diameter. And it's easy to clean! Just pop it in and out every time you put in a fresh batch of seeds for sprouting or microgreens for growing. Happy sowing and sprouting with your new tray!