Reusable Fresh Bags (set of 20)

Reusable Fresh Bags (set of 20)

Extends the Life of Fruit, Veggies, and Cut Flowers!

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Extend the life of your fresh vegetables, fruit, and even cut flowers by placing them in these reusable, FDA-approved bags! By removing ethylene gas (without the use of chemicals), these bags slow down the loss of vitamins, flavor, and texture from all fresh produce. And that makes your harvest go further!

Whether you simply want to keep bananas fresh a few days longer or save your cut flowers for a special occasion, these reusable bags are essential. Measuring 7 by 16½ inches, they store a good amount of fruit and vegetables, yet are compact enough for the fridge. Herbs stay fresh longer, too, in these bags. You won't believe how much more mileage you get from your produce with these bags!

To reuse, simply clean them out and let them dry completely. You should get up to 10 uses from each bag. That's enough for a long, glorious harvest! Set of 20.