Rhododendron Plants

Huge Clusters of Blooms!

A joy to grow, these flowering shrubs light up the shade garden with huge clusters of bright blooms for weeks! Rhododendrons are effortless perennials that are ideal for foundations, borders, or woodlands. The glossy, evergreen foliage and dense clusters of lush, colorful blooms will add an enchanting touch to the garden for year after year. And Park has the finest selection of Rhododendrons available, including several Rhododendron of the Year winners selected by the American Rhododendron Society (ARS). This category also includes many Azaleas, which in the past have been mis-categorized as their own Genus, when in truth they are a special form of Rhododendron that tends to be deciduous rather than evergreen, grow 5 stamens (1 per lobe) rather than 10 (2 per lobe), and tend to have fine appressed hairs along their leaves rather than having "scaly" leaves. The most impressive distinguishing feature of Azaleas is their bloom form, which tends to be much more trumpet-like and elongated than other Rhododendrons, often with long filaments protruding from the flower like whimsical whiskers.