Roller Herby

Roller Herby

Slices and Minces Tender Herbs in Seconds!

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Roller Herby is much more than a clever name. This hand-held slicer uses 6 parallel rolling blades to effortlessly slice through soft leaves and tender stems, neatly mincing your fresh-grown herbs without crushing them or ruining the texture. You can capture all the oils -- and make the most of the flavor -- using Roller Herby!

Small-leaved herbs can be difficult to work with in the kitchen. Tear them by hand, and the leaves are bruised and much of the flavor squeezed out. Try to cut them with traditional knives, and you are looking at a tough and time-consuming job. But with Roller Herby, you simply place the herbs on the cutting board and roll the easy-to-grip unit back and forth over them a few times. The closely-spaced 6 blades cut neatly and accurately.

Roller Herby measures 3½ inches in diameter and about 4 inches high. The silicone handle is easy to hold, and a cover is included so that you can store the unit without exposed blades. It comes apart easily for cleaning, then snaps back together in seconds.

We have already tried using Roller Herby for other tasks in the kitchen, and find it a great tool for cutting thin pasta strips. This is a gadget every gardener and cook deserves! Pop it in your shopping cart today!