Convallaria rosea

Convallaria rosea

Just 7 inches high, this shade-lover thrives beneath trees and shrubs!

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Few sights can equal an early spring display of cheery pink bells, wonderfully fragrant and so colorful in the drab end of winter landscape. Gardeners have longed for this bright companion to the taller white Lily of the Valley, but until now, the plants have been difficult to find and quite expensive. At long last, the prices have come down to earth, and you can plant this beauty in all those shady spots that need a little oomph -- under that leafless winter shrub, in the shade of tall trees, in the bare patches where ground cover has not yet wakened from its winter sleep!

Just 7 inches tall, this plant sports broad, fresh green foliage and thin flowerstalks, each bearing a dozen or so fat bells dangling from curved stems. A lovely choice for indoor color, too, its perfume is sweet but never overwhelming. Hardy all the way from zone 7 to zone 3, this dainty delight is a long-lived treat you will look forward to as each winter ends!