Roselily Natalia® Oriental Lily

Roselily Natalia® Oriental Lily

Blooms So Full they're Almost Triples!

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It's as if all the wonderful things about lilies were condensed into one beautiful plant! Roselily® Natalia is a petal-packed double (triple?!) lily with upturned flowers, no pollen, and incredible staying power in garden or vase. Compact enough to grow in a container on the patio, it's lightly fragrant, with a pleasing scent that is never cloying or musky. What more could we ask for?

This glittery sugar-pink flower offers delicately ruffled, almost crimped petal edges on enormous blooms. Expect them to last nearly 3 weeks in the vase, filling your home with a pleasant perfume that even "lily haters" will enjoy. There's nothing else like the Roselilies®!

Natalia is an Oriental Lily, reaching about 32 inches high its first season. Like all lilies, it will increase in size, bud count, and bloom width with each passing year. Start it in containers, if you like, but be prepared to find a place of glory for it in the garden as it becomes more magnificent over time!

Natalia prefers rich soil on the acidic side, and loves full sun in the north, a bit of afternoon shade farther south and west. Easy to grow and so lovely! Zones 3-10.