Tulip Rosy Delight

Tulip 'Rosy Delight'

Blooms Earlier and Longer than all Other Darwin Hybrids!

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This Early Tulip blooms earlier and longer than all other Darwin Hybrids, filling the garden with graceful dark rose-colored flowers on strong stems perfect for cutting. Reaching 22 to 24 inches high and 4 to 6 inches wide, it fill the mid- to late spring garden with irresistible color!

Deservedly the most popular Tulips in America, Darwin hybrids combine huge flower size with perfect form, tall stems, and reliable, vigorous performance year after year. The flowers first appear as tightly wrapped pyramids of bold color, then unfurl to spectacular size, some reaching 6 inches wide. Bright and eye-catching, they are equally lovely for garden and indoor display. Zones 3-8.