Round Jiffy Pots

Roots grow through the Jiffy Pot wall to establish in your garden

3-inch (Pack of 22)
Item # 06626-PK-22
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The only seed-starting method many gardeners will use, Jiffy Pots revolutionized gardening and continue to be one of the most popular ways of growing from seed for transplant into the garden. The principle is simple: Just plant the entire peat moss pot when you transplant. Jiffy Pots are constructed entirely of lightweight, sturdy Canadian sphagnum ("peat moss"), so as the roots develop, they eventually grow right through the Jiffy Pot wall and into the garden soil. It's been working like a charm for decades. The inexpensive, reliable way to start from Seed.

Jiffy Pots are great for annuals, perennials, and vegetables, and are especially effective for hard-to-transplant species. Because you plant the entire pot without disturbing the root system, many plants which normally suffer transplant shock make the transition without turning a leaf.

The 2¼-inch-diameter round pots are 2-inches tall are sold in sets of 26. The larger 3-inch-diameter and 3-inch tall round pots are sold in sets of 22. For square Jiffys, click here.