Ruby Spider Daylily

Ruby Spider Daylily

Fiery Blooms are 9 Inches Wide!

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With 9-inch blooms, this spider-flowered Daylily really spices up your garden! These flowers are pure, saturated deep red with a golden stripe down the center and a matching golden-yellow throat.

Ruby Spider has won many awards for its fantastic combination of great garden performance and exceptional color. A Proven Winners® ColorChoice® plant grown in trial gardens all across the world, it receives top marks every time! It's the kind of Daylily that gardeners design entire borders around.

This early-to-midseason bloomer reaches 34 inches high, and is a dormant tetraploid. This means that its foliage dies back in winter, an important consideration for northern gardeners. Many Daylilies are semi-evergreen, and when severe winter weather hits their leaves, it can do permanent damage. But Ruby Spider is a tetraploid, which also means larger bloom size, brighter colors, and greater garden vigor.

If you're new to Daylilies, welcome to the easiest perennial you'll ever grow! They love sun but tolerate a bit of shade, and they need well-draining soil. Other than that, these powerhouses tolerate heat, humidity, drought, cold, poor soil, and just about anything else. Divide them as they spread to protect bloom strength.

Try Daylilies among your Daffodils to hide the dying foliage of the Daffodils, keeping the garden colorful for two seasons instead of just one. They are also nice friends to Bearded Iris. Zones 3-9.