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Ruiters Hybrid Eremurus Mix - Pack of 3

Ruiter's Hybrid Eremurus Mix - Pack of 3

Spice Up Your Vase With Colorful Foxtails!

Pack of 3
Item # 35617-PK-3

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This Eremurus mix features hybrids of E. isabellinus and E. ruiter, combining the two foxtails to create big flowerspikes in various gorgeous colors. The hundreds of star-shaped, feathery blooms come in in orange, pink, white and yellow tones, creating a beautiful meadow scene in your border or any wind-sheltered hollow. Eremurus is also a superb cut-flower, adding an incredibly fine, airy texture to your cutflower arrangements.

'Ruiter's Hybrids' grow quickly, provided they get good sunlight and well-drained soil. Expect them to reach 3 to 4 feet tall and about 2 feet wide. The blooms come on from late spring to early summer. You can cut them for the vase, or deadhead them as you see fit, and this will encourage further blooming. In the winter this Eremurus will go dormant and the foliage will appear to die off. You can prune the plant down to ground level, then. Just leave the roots intact, and these hybrids will rise again next Spring . . . and the one after that!

Plant your Eremurus in full or partial sun in an area with excellent drainage. This hybridization tolerates a lot of different soil, but not standing water. If you don't naturally have great drainage, then dig your hole and make a bed of sand or grit to place the tubers on. Eremurus will naturalize to fill out an area over time, increasing the spectacle of the bloom show every year! Zones 5 to 8.