Oriental Lily Salmon Star - Pack of 3

Oriental Lily Salmon Star - Pack of 3

A Fragrant Masterpiece for Garden and Vase!

Pack of 3
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This ultra-fragrant Oriental Lily is so versatile, it is hard to think of where you can't use it! Salmon Star is hardy enough for the border, pretty enough for the bed, small enough for the container, and it even makes an excellent cut flower!

The upward-facing, salmon-colored blooms open in midsummer, with up to 12 flowers coming from every bulb. Salmon Star perfectly mimics the natural pattern of a salmon: pale, creamy pink undertones are speckled with magenta spots. Salmon Star also has midribs streaked in a subtle orange and a triangle of lemon-lime peeking out of its throat. These green and orange tones are mirrored in the filaments and anthers. The overall effect is enchanting, inviting your eye in to study all the intricacies of its beauty.

And the fragrance is simply incredible. Strong and sweet, it makes a great cut flower for the vase. Pollinators (bees and butterflies especially) flock to it in the garden. You will love that heady, evocative scent every time you pass by!

Like other Lilies, Salmon Star is easy to grow, requiring very little maintenance. Give it well-drained, enriched soil in full sun, mulch it in well, and support it as it grows taller and more beautiful each year! Daylilies, Coreopsis, Echinacea, Rudbeckia, Roses -- all are wonderful friends to your Oriental Lilies! Zones 3-9. Pack of 3.