Salsa Garden Challenge

#LetsGrowSpringChallenge @FromSeedtoSpoon #GrowWithUs

Let’s grow a salsa garden together! I’m Carrie, a backyard flower and vegetable farmer. My husband, Dale, and I created the app From Seed to Spoon which functions like a personal gardening coach!

Grow with me and see how easy it is to grow from seed using the guidance of the app and Park Seed seeds. Then, at the end of the challenge, we’ll make salsa!

Joining us are popular social media gardeners in different USDA Hardiness Zones. They’ll post videos and updates too so you can take action at the right time for your growing conditions. I’m @fromseedtospoon in Zone 7 (Oklahoma) and will begin these seeds in my Bio Dome on or about March 1st.

@ChicagoGardener Zone 6 | @GingerfootGarden Zone 7 | @KatiesKrops Zone 8 | @ItsWendiland Zone 10

Everything I'll be growing is listed below. Customize it for your preferences if you have a favorite tomato, grow that! And, since we’re growing together, if you have a question you can ask it any time by commenting on our videos, emailing me, or asking Growbot in the From Seed to Spoon app.

I expect to harvest my salsa garden in June or July. So, get your salsa garden supplies and get ready to #growwithus. You can begin anytime based on your growing zone. Find your recommended planting dates that are customized for your location in the From Seed to Spoon app.

We hope you'll grow with us, tag us along the way, and share your photos. #GrowWithUs