Salvia Seeds & Plants

Perennial evergreen popular for healing and cooking

Salvia is a multi-purpose plant that can be grown as a perennial, a tender perennial or an annual. Salvia, also grown as sage, has for centuries been credited with healing and culinary properties. While some gardeners still grow salvia for those reasons, the majority of salvia for sale is now cultivated in garden beds throughout the world for their decorative flowers, and they’re often seen decorating low areas of the garden as attractive groundcover. 

In fact, they’re so versatile because salvia can range in size from two feet in height to a compact plant perfect for a groundcover under your roses or other shrubs. Most perennial salvia are available in shades of purple, white and pink. They are a great addition to the perennial bed. The perennial salvia will have a first bloom in late spring to early summer with a second flush in the fall. 

The annual form is available in many other colors, including vibrant red, purples, blues, yellows and pinks. Some salvia flowers are a combination of colors, increasing their garden popularity. The annual salvia is long blooming, throughout the summer and fall, as long as you keep up with deadheading. Start your favorite salvia seeds indoors with our Park Seed Bio Dome or direct sow in the garden beds. They make a beautiful border plant for your garden beds and also look great in container gardens. 

Best of all about salvia, they are sun loving and drought tolerant. Hummingbirds love salvia flowers, too, so be sure to have some planted throughout your flower beds to attract these unique birds. Add some salvia to your vegetable bed also. These tubular flowers are a magnet to the pollinators.

Salvia is not just a favorite of gardeners, but a favorite of your fluttering friends in the garden, too, so buy yours today.