Samantha Bellflower

Samantha Bellflower

Compact and Comely

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'Samantha' is a dwarf variety of Bellflower bred to have all of the Bellflower's beauty on a small and well-behaved body. Super-compact but sporting large, very colorful and abundant blooms, this Bellflower is small enough for containers, yet boasts enough big lavender-blue flowers to fill a vase. One of the brightest and most floriferous Bellflowers, it is great for growing indoors or out.

The gorgeous violet-tipped flowers come on in spring and last well into summer. The flowers are bell-shaped, but instead of dangling as so many Bellflowers do, they face up and out, revealing their richly colored throats. 2 to 2½ inches wide, they are excellent for cutting, and fill out flowerpots beautifully.

This dwarf Campanula reaches just 8 inches high and wide, and sports 6 to 8 flowering branches. 'Samantha' grows vigorously, but is well-behaved, not invasive like other Bellflowers.

Plant 'Samantha' in sun or part shade in gritty, well-draining soil. Deadhead after the first flush to encourage reblooming. Drought tolerant once established, this Bellflower is great in rock gardens, and works especially well paired with Sedum. This hardy perennial can live outside up to zone 4, and should be a houseplant in the far North. Zones 4 to 9.