Sangria and Sunsets™ Combination

Sangria and Sunsets™ Combination

Rich Colors and Serene Beauty All Summer Long!

We love Sangria and Sunsets because it's a really distinctive blend of colors and forms, getting away from the rather monotone brights-or-pastels, thriller-spiller-filler formula so popular in recent years. This combination of 9 plants (3 per 4-inch pot) offers a designer touch for any container on the sunny patio or deck!

Each variety in Sangria and Sunsets offers unusual color and superb staying power. Petunia Sanguna® Patio Salmon is a large-flowered beauty with yellow-eyed blooms of richest rosy-salmon, absolutely breathtaking! The greenish-white nosegays of Verbena Lanai® Upright Lime Green make the Petunia glow all the brighter, while the rich pops of blue-and-white from Lobelia Techno® Heat Upright Dark Blue punctuate the whole display perfectly. No ordinary colors here!

We have set one plant of each type into every 4-inch pot, so the Petunia, Lobelia, and Verbena grow up and through one another, creating a "pre-mixed" combination of colors and forms you will love. You only need 1 pot per 6-inch flowerpot. Use 2 pots for an 8- to 10-inch pot or basket, and all 3 for a 12-inch or larger container.

These annuals stand up to heat, humidity, and periods of drought beautifully. They attract butterflies and hummingbirds into the garden, and don't mind the late-afternoon thundershowers of many climates. You will find them as fresh in late August as they were in May, and in mild areas, they will just keep going through much of fall!Take the time to create something different and wonderful this year -- give Sangria and Sunsets a go in your best sunny spot! Pack of three 4-inch pots (9 plants in all).

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