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Savoie Boreal Forget-Me-Not Seeds

Savoie Boreal Forget-Me-Not Seeds

A Fall-blooming Forget-Me-Not!

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You are going to love this Forget-Me-Not! Not only does it bloom from seed the first year with no vernalization period (so you can start it in summer for fall-through-spring flowers!), its blooms also change colors delightfully as they mature! And although it's a biennial, it readily self-sows, so the garden planting you make this year should last for countless seasons!

Beautiful, delicate, and charming, this cool-season flowering plant is a powerhouse of bloom strength, and far more adaptable than it might appear. The flowers open lavender, then go through all shades of pink, salmon, and blue, often with several colors present at once. What a show! Cut all you like for nosegays and bouquets; Savoie Boreal has flowers to spare, and more where those came from!

Just 6 to 9 inches high and not much wider, this little plant is ideal for containers as well as the front of the bed and border. It is mounded and upright, content in sun or shade, and tolerant of heavy clay or loose sandy soils as well as rich loams. Deer and rabbits leave it alone, a huge boon for open gardens where cool-season plants often become food for hungry wildlife. And because it is open-pollinated, it will set seed, so trim away the final blooms if (for some reason!) you don't want volunteers next season.

Savoie Boreal won the Fleuroselect Award, Europe's highest honor for a plant from seed. It is simply a welcome addition to the Forget-Me-Not family, much quicker and easier than older varieties and with an absolutely breathtaking color show. This is a plant that will look great in an alpine garden, a rockery, a fine patio container, and the plain old annual or perennial garden. In mild and warm climates, it will start flowering in fall and continue through winter into spring; farther north, it blooms in fall, rests in winter, and blooms again in spring. Savoie Boreal is quite tolerant of low-light conditions, enabling it to set buds and flower even when spring is delayed or days are consistently overcast.

Space these plants about 15 inches apart in the garden, and be sure to include a long row just for cutting. The flowers are small, and best enjoyed up close. You will want Savoie Boreal everywhere . . . and it is so versatile, you can practically make that happen!

For fall bloom, sow seeds in early summer. Germinate indoors at about 65 degrees F, covering the seed lightly if started in a seed tray, or dropping one seed per sponge in the Bio Dome. It will be ready to transplant about 9 weeks later. For spring blooms, start in late winter indoors, following the same practices. Zones 3-8 (or everywhere as an annual.) Packet is 20 seeds.