Scent from Above™ Climbing Rose

Scent from Above™ Climbing Rose

Fragrant Double Blooms!

Fragrant yellow roses are hard to find, which makes the rich, pervasive licorice scent of Scent from Above™ all the more amazing. This large-flowered climber not only offers a fabulous aroma, but also perfect hybrid tea formed blooms that repeat all season!

Scent from Above™ is just made for threading through fences and climbing up arbors and large trellises. It is vigorous and free-flowering, beginning with the first hint of summer weather and continuing until nipped back by chilly fall temperatures.

These roses are golden and fade-resistant, lasting a long time even in humid summer climates. Their anise aroma is so enticing, and they are carried on long stems -- just right for cutting! The healthy dark green foliage banks the flowers perfectly, keeping the rose attractive from spring through fall.

Reaching 8 to 10 feet high and 2 to 3 feet wide after a season or two of growth, this British introduction is a must-have for gardeners who love the combination of vertical color, elegant double blooms, and strong fragrance!