Sea Magic Plant Growth Stimulant

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This little pouch makes 250 quarts of solution

We've all been hearing great things about the uses of seaweed as a plant growth stimulant, and we've tested lots of products to find out how they really measure up. Well, far and away the best—hands down, barring none—is Sea Magic, a seaweed concentrate suitable for use on all your garden plants.

This dry seaweed is just amazing. It doesn't just encourage plants to grow—it shoots them up, increasing root production and strength so that they not only gain in size and bloom, but develop a healthy root system to maintain that increased growth all season long. They grow greener, lusher, and more resistant to pests and diseases. In combination with an all-purpose fertilizer, Sea Magic is unparalleled.

Entirely organic, this seaweed concentrate works wonders on flowering ornamentals, foliage plants, houseplants, shrubs—you name it, Sea Magic will help it. It is a seaweed called Ascophyllum nodosum, harvested from the cold, clean water of the northern Atlantic Ocean, off the coast of Canada. Unlike fish emulsion, it doesn't stink (let's be frank about that), and it's great at preventing leaf decay and stimulating foliage production when sprayed directly onto the leaves. It hastens the absorption of nitrates, potassium, and calcium—minerals plants need to flourish, and it actually makes them more drought resistant. Very effective against botrytis in strawberries and damping off in tomatoes, its also superb on lawns and ornamental grasses.

Here are some specific results observed by Dr. T.L. Senn, a Clemson University seaweed expert:
Fruits and vegetables literally taste better, due to increased levels of BRIX (fruit sugar content).
Roses produced 23 percent more blooms, Carnations 13 percent more.
Vegetable and fruit crops are more prolific: 77 percent more apples, 47 percent more peppers, 24 percent more tomatoes.
Insect damage is minimized: 89 percent reduction in red mites, 77 percent reduction in leaf hoppers.

Each 30-gram pouch produces 250 quarts of solution. It is a growth enhancer containing 17 key amino acids and cytokinins, which absorb into plant cells and increase their productivity and strength. Use it in conjunction with a fertilizer for best results. You just won't believe the power of this terrific seaweed.


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Size 0.5 Ounce
Additional Characteristics Fertilizer, Soil Amendments, Tomato aids
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