Sunsparkler® Lime Twister Sedum

Sunsparkler® Lime Twister Sedum

Tough and easy to grow!

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Versatile and extremely low-maintenance this is the perfect plant for the busy gardener. Succulents are always loved for their intriguing and fleshy foliage, but this succulent also bears flowers! The cream and green foliage is beautiful on its own, but then tiny rose-colored bloom arise in August and make a beautiful display even more attractive.

This low-growing succulent enjoys full sun, but it can tolerate some shade. Adaptable to pretty much any type of soil, 'Lime Twister' thrives most in soil that is well-drained, and it doesn't require too much water. It's drought and erosion resistant, and doesn't have any disease or pest problems! What more could you possibly ask for? Maybe butterflies? Well they love it just as much as we do, so they will be flocking to your garden in late summer!