Seed Starter Kits & Seed Starting Supplies

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Seed starting indoors has a number of advantages. First and foremost, there are many more varieties of vegetables and flowers available from seed. Whether you prefer heirlooms or hybrids, the selection of seeds is much greater than the selection of plants. It makes sense because the plant nursery only has so much space to grow seeds to a saleable size. They have to choose what varieties to germinate and grow and how much. That also limits your choices when selecting seedlings to plant in your garden. Another reason for starting your own seeds is that you can select the color of flowers you want. If you have a cool color palette, you may only want purples and blues. The way to ensure that is by planting your own seeds.

Another advantage of growing from seed is being in control from start to finish. This is especially important for organic gardening. The selection of organic seeds available is growing every year. If you are in control of your own seed starting, you can be sure the soil and fertilizer are also organic.

The last consideration is cost. A seed packet can cost less than one purchased plant. There is an upfront expense for seed starting supplies, but most of your supplies will last for years.

To make seed starting even easier, Park Seed has seed starter kits of various sizes, including our Bio Dome seed starting kit which includes everything you need for your seeds to germinate and grow. There are windowsill size kits as well as tabletop size. We also have kits that include the seeds of flowers or veggies. You are sure to find the exact kit perfect for your venture into seed starting this spring.