Serendipity Triplesweet™ Hybrid Sweet Corn Seeds (P) Pkt of 200 seeds

(P) Pkt of 200 seeds
Item #05529-PK-P1


High-quality 8-inch ears have tight husks and great staying power

This bicolor is the first of an entirely new type of corn offering 2 kernel types -- 75% sugary-enriched and 25% supersweet

Days to maturity: 82 days.

Crunchy-sweet flavor like you have never tasted before bursts from these plump 8-inch ears! One of an entirely new type of corn called TripleSweet, Serendipity Hybrid combines the crunchy texture of sugary-enhanced types with the extra sweetness and great holding ability of the supersweets! The result? Delicious!

TripleSweet corn actually contains TWO kernel types, selected and reselected to create an ear that is 75% sugary-enhanced and 25% supersweet. Ideal for home gardens, it needs no isolation from other corn, and has great staying power on the stalk.

Serendipity Hybrid boasts high-quality bicolor ears, each jammed with 16 to 18 rows of white and yellow kernels beneath tight green husks (which keep the harvest fresh and pest free). They are both attractive and scrumptious, with a full-bodied flavor so savory you may find yourself eating them straight from the stalk! And they keep so well that you don't have to harvest them all at once! Taste, texture, and hold -- that's the TripleSweet advantage!

Pkt is 200 seeds.


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Genus 2 Zea
Species mays var. rugosa
Variety Serendipity Triplesweet™ Hybrid
Item Form (P) Pkt of 200 seeds
Days to Maturity 82
Fruit Color Yellow
Habit Upright
Seeds Per Pack 200
Plant Height 6 ft - 6 ft 6 in
Fruit Length 8 in

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November 23, 2019

Triplesweet indeed

This shopper rated the product 5 out of 5 stars

I am 72 years old and have gardened in North Carolina for over 40 of those years. In that long period of time I have planted a tremendous number of varieties of corn. My first crop was Seneca Chief. Year two was Silver Queen. Somewhere along the way I was introduced to Peaches and Cream by my father who was an Agriculture Extension agent. I was won over by the combination of the yellow and white and have grown some variation of that combination ever since. About 10-12 years ago I discovered Park's Serendipity Triplesweet and have grown it every year since. This corn is delicious fresh and hold its sweetness when frozen. To me there is no better tasting corn on the planet. in 2012 I planted the Triplesweet along with another variety that was receiving a lot of high praise at the time. At the end of the season the difference was clear and I immediately returned to the Triplesweet, never to stray again. Why would you? This corn is THE best I've ever eaten, fresh or frozen. Other companies are now selling Triplesweet, but my loyalty will remain with Park since, to my knowledge, they were the first. Their seed is consistently productive as are the taste results. Thank you Park!

Larry from NC

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