Seychelles Pole Bean Seeds



Multiple harvests on a climber

Days to Maturity: 55 from direct sow

All-America Selections (AAS) Winner 2017

Pole Bean

If there is a more versatile pole bean on the market today, we'd like to see it. Seychelles has it all, from multiple crops of delicious beans to a vining, climbing habit that can reach many feet tall but still be contained within a large flowerpot or tub on the deck. And did we mention that it's resistant to common bean mosaic virus and matures earlier than just about any other pole bean?

Bred by Dutch plantsmen, Seychelles earned an All-America Selections (AAS) Award for its many merits. First, the dark green pods are stringless, which makes harvesting and cleaning them so much easier. Second, they are straight, enabling you to can them more easily and compactly. Third, they are delicious, with a rich "beany" flavor you just don't find from supermarket varieties. Forth, the habit is climbing, yet so compact you can grow the plant in a large container.

Harvest these pods at about 5 to 6 inches long. They will get a bit bigger if you let them, but they are at their tender best at this size. Besides, they finish in just 55 days, so you'll have the first beans on the block. And keep feeding and watering Seychelles after that first harvest to encourage a second (and possibly third and fourth) crop even sooner.

Many gardeners prefer pole beans for their distinctively strong flavor. Because they use vertical space, they free up the horizontal rows in the vegetable garden for other varieties while bearing abundant harvests. They're easier than bush beans to harvest as well.

Direct sow the seeds after all danger of frost, and for longest harvest, keep sowing at 3-week intervals until late spring. For fall crops, begin in late summer and continue until a month or so before first frost date. Support the vines on a trellis, tower, or poles spaced 3 feet apart.

And this season, consider growing a Three Sisters combination planting of beans, corn, and squash. This Native American planting uses the three plants to help one another grow and fruit their best: the corn provides a "pole" for the bean to climb, while the squash offers groundcover protection for the corn and bean roots. Seychelles is a great Three Sisters plant.


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Genus Phaseolus
Species vulgaris
Variety Seychelles
Days to Maturity 55
Fruit Color Green
Habit Vining
Plant Height 7 ft - 9 ft
Additional Characteristics Award Winner, Direct Sow, Easy Care Plants, Edible, Soil Builder, Trellises
Foliage Color Dark Green
Harvest Season Early Fall, Early Summer, Late Summer, Mid Summer
Light Requirements Full Sun
Moisture Requirements Moist,  well-drained
Resistance Common Bean Mosaic, Disease Resistant, Heat Tolerant, Humidity Tolerant
Soil Tolerance Normal,  loamy
Uses Beds, Containers, Cuisine, Outdoor, Vines and Climbers

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Customer Reviews

September 27, 2022


This shopper rated the product 5 out of 5 stars

I had seeds from some other vendor from an order for 2019. I have two cotton nets on the south side of my house in Becket, MA. I planted late but these beans are still coming on Sept.27,2022! They have out grown the nets...some I need a ladder to pick the ones at the top. They have been so prolific I can't believe it! I read that they weren't great raw but my daughter and I tried a couple young ones and they were great. It seems that every 4-5 days there were a couple of pounds of them. We used many fresh and froze some for that great garden taste in the height of winter. Hopefully I'll have a few more pounds before they "give up the ghost"!

Rose Picard from MA
September 04, 2022

Great tasting!

This shopper rated the product 5 out of 5 stars

I planted these green beans a couple of months ago in my raised garden bed. I was hoping they would do well and taste good. I'm so happy to say they were the best tasting green beans I've ever had and so tender! I'm looking forward to my second picking!

S. Hare from AR
March 08, 2022

Best tasting

This shopper rated the product 5 out of 5 stars

I planted these a few years ago and was overwhelmed with the bounty of beans. Every day came yet another batch to pick and that went on until the first frost. These beans have a great taste without the , what I detect, chalkiness I find in other beans. I can’t wait to plant them again but will be more diligent in doing successive planting to balance the harvesting .

Nancon50 from PA
January 04, 2022

Keeps on giving!

This shopper rated the product 5 out of 5 stars

My favorite pole bean! This smooth, elegant, and tender bean is full of flavor eaten fresh and also freezes well. We had multiple harvests into October in zone five.

Melissa S. from IA
February 27, 2019

Great tasting

This shopper rated the product 5 out of 5 stars

I grew these in 2018 and had good success. Plants grew well and produced lots of beans. I planted 2 crops of them and both did well except the second one seemed to be a magnet for bean beetles. Good producers and beans were tender and tasted good. Will plant again this year.

Bob in Shelton, CT from CT

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