Shade Kit for Hobby Greenhouse

Shade Kit for Hobby Greenhouse

Protect Your Greenhouse Plants from Excessive Sun!

Cloth and Fasteners
Item # 37705
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It is very easy to install and it blocks at least thirty percent of sun rays from your vulnerable seedlings. Morning sunlight and late afternoon sunlight are usually the ones with most damaging effects. All you have to do is to fasten the shade into the interior frame of the greenhouse. There are 10 smart connectors to be used for this purpose. They have perfect shape and size and they are well designed for hanging baskets. That gives you another benefit.

The size of the cloth is 86.5 inches by 79 inches. This size is big enough to cover all kinds of greenhouses effectively. Being made of high impact woven material, you can be sure of its durability. It comes in just one piece accompanied by ten smart lock connectors.

The Shade Kit contains one piece of shade cloth and 10 SmartLock connectors.