Shade Perennials

Bring dark, barren spots to life with bright colors and interesting shapes and textures

Shady garden spots can be a little intimidating. But they shouldn’t be. Shade gardens tend to be lower maintenance because they retain water better and require little weeding. And there are many perennials that thrive in shady spots from which to choose. Sheltered from summer sun, shade perennials better withstand summer heat. They are less likely to scorch and tend to bloom longer and hold their color better. Whether planted in the light to partial shade of taller plants or the canopy of a tall tree or in the full to deep shade of heavy woods or man-made structures, shade perennials brighten dark areas with interesting shapes and textures and fill in where grasses just won’t grow. But summer isn’t their only time to shine. Many are evergreen, with some even blooming in winter.