Shady Lady II Glow Girl Hybrid Impatiens Seeds

Shady Lady II Glow Girl Hybrid Impatiens Seeds

Improved Size, Bloom Strength, and Staying Power!

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Park's Shady Lady Impatiens have been America's favorite for decades. Their byword is reliability, followed closely by nonstop color. These shade-loving annuals are a snap to grow and require little care once you transplant them. But even a good thing can always be made better, which is why we are delighted to introduce Shady Lady II: the next generation of bedding and container Impatiens for part to full shade!

Shady Lady II improves on its predecessor in 4 main ways:

• a bushier, better-branched habit

• more compact size (up to 5 inches shorter and slimmer!)

• more flowers per plant (thanks to that bushiness!)

• larger flower size

Shady Lady II is just 10 inches high and wide, but with more flowering stems than ever before. The blooms reach from 2 to 2½ inches wide, offering just that extra pop of color that makes all the difference.

Of course, you still get all the advantages of the original Shady Ladies: unsurpassed color to brighten those hard-to-fill shady landscape spots and containers; nonstop flowering habit from early summer until late fall or hard frost; and effortless care. If there is an easier annual for the shade, we have yet to discover it!

In the Glow Girl Mix, you get three unusual shades that combine beautifully. Bold salmon, hot rose (the shade called Venus), and violet are a unique and breathtaking trio! Each is saturated with hot color that stands up to extreme heat very nicely. And you need never deadhead the Shady Ladies!

Shady Lady earned our own High Performer stamp of approval, and Shady Lady II is already pedigreed. We unreservedly give it our heartiest recommendation.