Shelf Kit for Greenhouses (2 shelves)

Shelf Kit for Greenhouses (2 shelves)

A Pair of Adjustable Greenhouse Benches for Year-round Use!

2 ft.
Item # 37700
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The shelves have a way of snapping into the walls. It also offers adjustable growing space with a maximum height of eight feet. In other words, the growing space can be adjusted and re-adjusted several times to suit your needs and preference.

Each shelf is designed for optimal water disbursement and adequate air circulation that will facilitate the healthy growth of your plants. Despite all these features, it is very light, very easy to clean and it is said to be super-durable. It can serve several generations of users.

The shelves can be attached and removed easily to and from the frame of your greenhouse. Having been made of aluminum, the frame of your greenhouse cannot rust or change its color.

Set of 2 overlapping shelves.