Mushroom Shiitake Fruiting Kit

Mushroom Shiitake Fruiting Kit

Shiitake Mushrooms -- Grown Indoors!

Now you can grow big crops of gourmet mushrooms right in your home! The Shiitake Countertop Mushroom Kit is so simple to use, all you need is water, coolish temperatures, and a good appetite! It's the ideal gift for children, gardeners, and anyone who loves fresh mushrooms.

This kit contains a blend of supplemented hardwood sawdust and grains inoculated with shiitake mushroom spawn. If that sounds complicated, it isn't -- it just means that the growing medium is ready to go, so you don't have to plant or fool with it in any way. Simply set the prepared bag down and mist it to keep it moist. The mushrooms will immediately begin growing, and you will get several crops within about a 3-month harvest period!

Shiitake mushrooms grow year-round, and prefer cooler temperatures than many others. Room temps of 55 - 80 degrees are preferable, and if your house is consistently above 75 degrees, seek out a cooler location for the kit, such as away from sunshine and heater registers, low in the room (heat rises!), etc. For most of us, these temperatures are ideal!

Shiitake mushrooms are a delicacy that supermarkets charge premium prices for. Now you can not only grow your own for pennies, but you can enjoy ultra-fresh mushrooms! Best of all, this kit re-crops after a short rest, so you will enjoy several harvests! Expect to harvest about 4 pounds of delicious mushrooms altogether!

Once the last delicious crop has been harvested, toss the hardwood sawdust and grain culture into your compost bin. It will greatly enrich the compost, continuing to feed your plants for years to come! Talk about a win-win! 5 lbs.

Please allow up to 2 weeks for your kit to be custom-made for you!

Note: If you don't want to start growing right away, the spawn may be refrigerated for 3 to 6 months, but never frozen. Do not let spawn sit in the sunlight.