Shrub Rake

Shrub Rake

Removes Debris from Tight Spots without Damaging Plants!

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What, you ask, is a shrub rake? We wondered the same thing. Then we tried this nifty little tool from our friends Burgon & Ball, and discovered that it replaces the various "workaround" tools we have used for years when trying to remove dead leaves, spent blooms, torn stems, and other garden debris from our perennials, roses, and -- yes! -- shrubs. This clever hand-tool can reach where others cannot to keep plants clean and tidy, preventing the spread of disease. It even works well for knocking slugs and snails to the ground!

It is difficult to reach within a well-branched plant and extract something from its depths without doing some damage to the surrounding branches, leaves, and blooms. Thorny roses are a particular problem here, with their frequent need of pruning, cutting, and retrieving fallen matter. But the shrub rake, just 15.75 inches long and 5 inches across at the widest point, turns out to be the solution. Its tines are flat and angled just at the end, so they can grip without hooking or slicing. You can fish out the bad stuff without harming the good!

The Shrub Rake eliminates all the clumsiness of a traditional long-handled, very broad rake. The tines are carbon-forged steel and the handle is ashwood. It feels good in your grip, is light and transportable, and serves as an all-purpose find-and-remove tool when weeding, pruning, deadheading, or simply maintaining the garden. There is even a leather loop for hanging the tool in your shed.

Best of all, the Shrub Rake comes with a lifetime guarantee and the endorsement of the Royal Horticulture Society, Britain's premiere gardening organization and charity. The RHS singled out the Shrub Rake for its superior craftsmanship and garden performance. Not many other garden tools ever receive these kind of accolades! Talk about a quality investment in the long-term health of the garden!

Put the Shrub Rake at the top of your list of "must have"s for the toolshed, and begin enjoying the benefits of fine gardening with the very best!