Sierra Lady™ Sunbelt® Floribunda Rose

Sierra Lady™ Sunbelt® Floribunda Rose

Watch the colors change as it grows!

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This incredibly colored bloom is as versatile as it is beautiful. As this Sierra Lady ™ grows, its colors will change and vary in shades of apricot to bright orange. It also boats brilliant glossy green foliage that contrast beautifully with its bold blooms. IT flowers in small clusters throughout the season on a bushy upright habit. It has a very mild fragrance that does not overwhelm its bold blooms.

Sierra Lady™ Sunbelt® can be easily grown as a shrub rose, trained as a climber, it will even thrive in a container. This is truly a rose that can meet almost any need! Use this extremely versatile rose anywhere you need a burst of bright orange color. You will not be disappointed by the incredibly bright salmon color and perfect habit of this rose that will delight you all season long!