Silk n Satin Fuseables® Petunia-Bacopa Seeds

Silk 'n Satin Fuseables® Petunia-Bacopa Seeds (P) Pkt of 10 seeds

1 fuseable seed pellet with 2 kinds of plants

(P) Pkt of 10 seeds
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Now all it takes is a single packet of seeds to create a Petunia/Bacopa combination planting worthy of your best flowerpot or hanging basket. Silk 'N Satin is a revolutionary new blend that uses multi-seed "fuseables" pellets to give you both types of plants in one neat package.

Two of the very easiest annuals to grow from seed, Petunia and Bacopa flower heavily from spring until frost. In this combination, you get pure white Bacopa—the variety is Snowtopia—that begins in mid-spring and won't quit until freezing temperatures nip it back. The Petunia is long-blooming, two-tone Shock Wave Pink, which opens its first buds in late spring and goes continuously from there.

Together, this Bacopa and Petunia make the perfect combo planting. Both are trailing, with the smaller blue blooms of the Bacopa strung along elegant stems, while the larger (up to 2-inch) pink Petunia blooms offer stunning contrast. It will look as though you carefully placed these plants in just the right position to show to best advantage—but all you have to do is sow the multi-pellet, and let Nature take over from there.

This combo planting is good for sun or shade. Both Bacopa and Petunia do a great job of withstanding the heat and humidity of long summers, and neither minds a bit of afternoon shade, either. Set them fearlessly on the baking-hot deck, porch, or back patio. They can take it.

Best of all, these blooms are self-cleaning, so you don't have to go around deadheading the literally thousands of flowers these plants will bear over their long 3 seasons of bloom. So low maintenance, so pretty, and so long-lasting.

Expect the Bacopa to reach about 4 to 6 inches high and to spread 12 to 18 inches wide, while the Petunia will stretch 8 to 10 inches high and up to 3 feet long. The perfect pair, they look great all season long, with no trimming, pruning, or arranging necessary.

To germinate, do not cover the seeds (they need light to stimulate growth). Place them on top of the starting medium or Bio Sponge, at a temperature of about 70 to 75 degrees. They will sprout within 2 weeks, and take off from there. Before you know it, you'll be admiring a giant puffball of soft blue and pink.

Pkt is 10 fuseables multi-seeded pellets

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Thanks for asking!
Max. I am a condo dweller and garden a bit to keep busy from CA wrote on April 01, 2020

I bought all three of the attached fusables. Why, for me, a challenge and these I wanted in my garden only if I could grow them. I have the impression petunias are difficult. I gave these a “5“ as the are all making an appearance after two weeks or so and rather cool temps . They are very tiny and fragile looking - fingers are crossed. They have been started in plastic wrap in a sunny window . Now, out of the plastic and out side in morning sun Temp high 60’s