Lavandula Silver Anouk

Lavandula 'Silver Anouk'

Incredible Silvery Foliage!

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Small enough for containers, but with such a big impact that you'll be tempted to use it as groundcover, this evergreen Lavender is a must-have! The silvery foliage is very attention getting, being so pale and finely cut that it resembles Dusty Miller as much as Lavender. But the display doesn't stop there! The blooms are also distinctive: rather than small florets all along the bud, they produce only a tuft of larger purple florets at the top for a somewhat Seussical appearance.

These blooms come on heavily in their first flush, starting in mid spring. They rebloom for months from there, setting blooms faster if you deadhead them. All season the blooms grow close to the foliage rather than getting rangey.

Bred in the Netherlands, this cultivar is exceptionally cold hardy. And thanks to its compact habit, this versatile selection fits easily into containers, which means that it can be overwintered indoors to survive in even the most frigid climates.

Spanish Lavender is very forgiving because it has great drought tolerance and because pests like rabbits and deer tend to leave it alone. This delightfully aromatic plant is a great presence for any yard or garden because it attracts beneficial insects like butterflies, but repels flying pests like mosquitoes, moths, flies, and gnats.

'Silver Anouk' reaches 12 to 18 inches wide, with a dense, attractive habit that never looks rangy or tired. It is vigorous and easy to grow in any well-drained sunny spot. Great for hot, dry locations. Zones 6 to 10.

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Up From the Dead
Delicia Ambrosino from NY wrote on June 29, 2015

I bought two plants to go along side my Don Juan climbing roses that are 5 feet apart on a Gothic arch. Of the two one was growing really well. The other one got black in the center and also became brittle. I was about to contact Park's for a replacement. It just so happened I became ill for 3 or 4 days and when I went out and checked all my new plants the "sickly" one had no more black in the center and the stems and foliage were once again somewhat pliable. So it literally rose up from the dead. Why? I have no idea. I have a pretty dark green thumb as a general rule and I knew what the black was-mildew /mold. I also knew there was no reason for it whatsoever especially with a plant with the attributes of lavender. I'm happy that it perked up but as for its future time will only tell. I chose this lavender for it's simple elegance to place near my roses not only as a bug deterrent but also for the fact that both the roses and the lavender will compliment each other beautifully. Along the pathway leading up to them are Quinault strawberries. Once my Coneflowers, Bee Balm, and a few other perennials take off it will be a lovely trail leading into my mini woodland shade garden with Jack in the Pulpit, trout lilies, 2 Ostrich fern, hardy fuchsia, trillium,and Virginia Bluebells. Oh. Did I mention I live in a trailer park? As such, I needed MY space. Thank you Park Seed for what I know will be grace, beauty, and peace.