Silver Bells Chocolate Vine

Silver Bells Chocolate Vine

Hardy to -25 degrees F, yet thrives in sweltering zone 10 heat and humidity, too!

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Looking for a distinctively different climber for the sunny to partly shaded garden? Silver Bells Chocolate Vine is a very well adapted climber with stunning blooms in mid- to late spring, large bright green foliage that remains evergreen in warm climates, and lozenge-shaped fruit that makes fine jellies and jams. A lovely presence in any setting, it is a great choice to blanket an unsightly fence or decorate a pergola, arbor, or trellis.

The blooms open in mid-spring in most climates, with three large, curved petals (actually sepals) of creamy white surrounding a rosy-red, star-shaped center. Unbelievably showy against the large, bright green foliage, they remain for weeks, releasing a subtle fragrance that is most welcome in the spring garden. So attractive, long-lasting, and unique!

After the blooms pass, the 2- to 5-inch leaves remain, creating a lush presence. And if you have planted another Akebia nearby, in late summer and autumn the vine will bear oblong blue fruits 4 to 5 inches long, filled with tart pulp and seeds -- very useful for canning.

Native to the Orient, Silver Bells thrives in any well-drained soil, and is quite floriferous. Expect it to reach 15 feet high and wide, and to remain hardy to temperatures of -25 degrees F. Give your garden a distinctive difference with this exceptional vine! Zones 4-10.