Silver King Hybrid Corn Seeds

Silver King Hybrid Corn Seeds

A Sugar Enhanced Corn with Great Disease Resistance!

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82 days from direct-sowing.

This year, why not grow the Royal Family of sweet corn -- Silver King, Silver Queen, and Golden Queen? You'll have great eating all season from these classic varieties!

Silver King, a Sugar Enhanced (S. E.) type, is the earliest of the royal family to mature, with slightly larger ears than its Queen -- 16 to 18 tightly packed rows of snowy kernels pack every ear of this succulent hybrid! Stuffed with succulent, sweet flavor and a nice crunch, they are absolutely irresistible. You can enjoy them fresh off the plant, too!

The stalks reach 6 to 7 feet high and are wonderfully resilient, tolerating Rust, Stewart's Wilt, and Northern Corn Leaf Blight. This is a variety that has stood the test of time and is still a favorite among discerning gardeners and diners everywhere. New varieties may come and go, but Silver King remains a beloved favorite, and a great choice for new gardeners thanks to its superior disease resistance.

Direct-sow corn seeds after the last spring frost, when the soil has warmed. Corn is famously easy to grow in any sunny spot, but be sure to plant it outdoors -- it doesn't transplant well. To extend your corn harvest, make successive sowings weekly up until mid-July, or plant varieties with differing maturity dates. Consider growing a Three Sisters planting as well -- corn, beans, and squash planted together all help each other grow and produce their best, as the Native Americans knew centuries ago!

Corn seed in packet sizes of 1 lb. or smaller is now available for shipment to Canada!

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