Simple Elegance Bird Bath

Simple Elegance Bird Bath

Lovely Pottery Construction, Durable Lock-on Bowl!

blue pottery, handcrafted
Item # 29970
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Birdbaths are more than just garden decorations; they serve the vital purpose of keeping your birds -- and other wildlife, including pollinators! -- clean and healthy. Give your garden visitors the best with this elegant and appealing pottery birdbath!

Made by hand in America, this clay birdbath has a lock-on mechanism for the bowl, making it easy for you to remove and clean the bowl but almost impossible for animals and stray bumps to knock it over! The inside of the bowl is glazed for easy cleaning, and you can add pebbles or polished glass stones to increase the beauty of the bath as well as provide footholds for sipping birds, butterlies, hummers, and small mammals.

This birdbath adds style and distinction to any garden setting, its sky blue tones contrasting nicely with green foliage and bright blooms. Make it the centerpiece of an accent planting, design your entire pollinator garden around it, or place it near a plant you know wildlife loves! Birds and other wildlife are much more likely to make a permanent home in a setting that always has fresh water available, so adding a birdbath is a necessity if you want nesting, overwintering, and year-round visiting!

Here are the details of this birdbath:

Dimensions: 21½ x 16¾ inches

Weight: 29¾ pounds