Simplicity Hedge Rose

Simplicity Hedge Rose

The Original Hedge Rose

The Rose that started it all. Simplicity is widely credited with being the first-ever hedge rose, and its 1978 introduction changed the way we gardened with Roses forever. Repeat-blooming and very floriferous, its real advantage was its full, bushy, well-branched habit, which looks good in a border or mixed planting and doesn't need the wide spacing of traditional Roses. This floribunda brought Roses into areas of the garden where they had never been, and our landscape is so much richer for it.

Simplicity is about 5 feet tall and nearly as wide, the perfect size for a hedge, screen, foundation, or back of the border planting. Several times each summer it simply covers itself in huge clusters of 3-inch blooms, each soft pink blossom lightly fragrant and very long-lasting. Boasting up to 18 petals, these fully double blooms are exquisite in any setting, but as a hedge or large planting, they simply bowl you over.

Named for its ease of care, Simplicity is famously unfussy, needing no spraying or other treatment to keep its healthy foliage and heavy flowering. Descended from the classic shrub rose 'Iceberg,' it was introduced by American Rosarian William A. Warriner.

Treat Simplicity as you would any other rose at planting time. It appreciates rich, well-drained soil receiving full sun. Pamper it the first season, then let it go—this wonderful hedge rose bears no comparison to fussy exhibition types. You will love its low maintenance, especially in large plantings which simply decorate the sunny garden with bright color in summer. Few garden shrubs are easier.