Simply Magnifiscent Grandiflora Rose

Simply Magnifiscent Grandiflora Rose

Fabulous Fragrance on Giant Bloom Clusters!

Bareroot Grafted
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The delectable fruity fragrance of this grandiflora is strong enough to perfume a large swath of the garden or to create a one-bloom potpourri indoors! Offering luminous lavender-pink blooms on a very prim and proper plant, Simply Magnifiscent makes just as strong of a statement with its color as its fragrance!

Hybridized by our friends at Jackson and Perkins, this exceptional variety was meticulously bred for years to refine and build upon its benefits and to make sure that such a wonderful combination of color and fragrance could really be replicated! It comes to us as a cross of Melody Parfumée x New Zealand. No wonder it boasts such huge, colorful, and delightfully fragrant blossoms!

Perfect for the rose garden, the fragrant garden, or the cutflower garden, this vigorous variety offers its huge blooms singly and in clusters of 3 to 5. Give it the same care you would any other rose: rich, loamy soil, good drainage and air circulation, and plenty of sunlight! It will reward you with the most delightful, sweet fragrance you could ask for in a rose!