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SimplyHerbs™ Sage Seeds

SimplyHerbs™ Sage Seeds

Grow Several Plants from a Single Pellet!

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75 days from sowing.

Now you can grow a pot of garden sage with a single sowing! SimplyHerbs™ are multi-seed pellets that will sprout several seedlings from just one pellet. Perfect for growing in containers, SimplyHerbs™ takes the guesswork out of growing lush, multi-plant containers to meet your culinary needs all season!

Essential to any herb garden, sage is an evergreen that is easy to grow and quite long-lived. The aroma is mouthwatering, and the large, nubbly, gray-green leaves are as attractive as they are delicious! In the garden this plant reaches 2 feet high and 3 feet wide; in containers, of course, it may be somewhat smaller, but just as vigorous and densely branched. Spikes of ½-inch pink to white flowers appear in summer; their arrival can diminish the flavor of the foliage, so pinch off the first buds to delay flowering if you want a larger culinary harvest.

The classic association of sage is with Thanksgiving, but this seasoning is useful in a wide range of dishes, from dressings and sausages to cheeses and meats. Try growing your own garden sage this season from super-easy SimplyHerbs™ pellets, and enjoy its superb flavor and aroma -- to to mention its attractive appearance -- for many seasons.

Sow seeds at 60 to 70 degrees F. They take about 3 weeks to germinate, but then grow readily and can be transplanted when they have at least 2 sets of true leaves. Grow in full sun and any good potting mix, refreshing the mix annually for best growth.

You can start harvesting the leaves as needed once the plant is growing well and has branched out nicely -- 75 days is a benchmark, but individual plants will vary depending upon conditions. Stop harvesting in fall, so that the plant can harden off for winter outdoors in zones 5-8.

Sage will become woody and leaf out sparsely after about 4 years; at that time, if you are growing it for culinary purposes, it is best to remove the entire plant and begin a new one. Packet is 20 multi-seed pellets.