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Single Flowered Zinnia Profusion Collection

Single Flowered Zinnia Profusion Collection

A collection of 7 dazzling blooms!

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The brightest and best most profuse Zinnias we know for the garden, bar none! This collection offers 1 packet each of the 7 individual Zinnia colors. All boast stunning, Dahlia-flowered blooms at the end of very long, strong stems, just made for cutting!

This collection contains: Zinnia Profusion - Coral Pink, Cherry, Fire, Yellow, White, Orange, and Apricot.

The waxy, tightly-packed petals create a pompom bloom that is almost incredibly full and profuse. And these tall, bushy plants just keep producing all season long!

These plants reach 40 to 50 inches in the garden, and all colors in the series have a uniform bloom time and height, so they look as pretty in the sunny annual bed as they will in the vase! And in garden or vase, these blooms last and last. No wonder they're Park's Picks!

Zinnias are one of the easiest annuals to grow, and have the additional advantage of attracting butterflies to the garden. They are outstanding in beds, borders, and containers, are are the perfect cut flower--the more you cut, the more you get! They thrive in the sun and heat of summer, and ask only well-drained soil. Their biggest enemy is mildew, so water them with a soaker hose or other ground-based spray to minimize wetting the foliage--or, if this isn't possible, water them early in the day, so that the leaves can dry off before nightfall. Space the plants generously to prevent overcrowding. When cutting the blooms for the vase, trim off all the foliage; unlike the blooms, it does not age well! Direct-sow or start ahead indoors. Each pkt is 50 seeds; 7 pkts total.

This collection is a $27.65 Value!