Slicing Cucumber Seeds

Slicing cucumbers are delicious raw and in many dishes

The two most common types of cucumbers are slicing and pickling. As one of the most popular vegetables to grow in backyard gardens, there’s no need to choose between the two, grow some of both! While pickling types can be eaten raw and slicing types can be canned, you’ll appreciate the supreme flavor of the fruits when you plant the right seed for your kitchen purpose.

Slicing cucumbers tend to have thicker skins which helps extend their freshness after picking. Cucumbers along with pumpkins and gourds have a naturally occurring defensive compound called cucurbitacin, the bitter taste of which deters some animals from eating the fruits. Levels of the compound are higher in stems, ends, and darker green flesh. Peeling your cucumber can minimize the compound and mitigate the bitter flavor.

Growing slicing cucumbers from seed is quite easy. Direct sow seeds when the threat of frost has passed, and soil temperatures are at least 60 degrees F. You will find cucumber seeds to grow quickly in full sun and deliver generous harvests in 55 to 70 days. You can grow cucumber seeds in the garden or patio container. Look for varieties that indicate a compact growth habit or suggest container planting. You’ll find these helpful product tips as you peruse each individual item. Just scroll down to the product details and pick the seeds that are best for your garden and kitchen.

Track your garden plants, their progress, and your results in the Park Seed app Seed to Spoon. When you log your plants in the app, you’ll get customized planting dates and harvesting ranges specific to your growing area. You can add notes about your favorite flavors and uses so when it’s time to order for the next planting season, you’ll know just what seeds to order, and you can do that with just a tap to add them to your cart. Easier shopping and time-saving growing with Park Seed and the Seed to Spoon app.