Small Yellow Sticky Traps - Set of 15

Small Yellow Sticky Traps - Set of 15

Catch Harmful Insects with Color, Not Chemicals!

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Don't spray harmful chemicals around your garden or in your home -- get rid of destructive insects the easy way with these "sticky goo" tags!

Many insects that prey on plants are attracted to the color yellow, so these tags are bright yellow, with adhesive on one side. Just sink the base of the tag into the soil of your container plant (or small garden plant), and it will attract any or all of the following destructive insects:


fungus gnats



carrot rust flies

gypsy moths


. . . and many more!

We use these tags in our greenhouses here at Park, so we can personally vouch for their effectiveness. And there's no odor, no potential for noxious chemicals in the air, soil, or water, and no muss! Economical, too!

These tags are 7 inches long and 2 inches wide, and come in sets of 15. They are easy to attach to sticks or tape, but also slide into the soil effortlessly themselves, needing no additional support.

If you want bigger tags, take a look the larger size. Or get a selection of both sizes with our money-saving collection. Try them for a season and see what a difference it makes to the health and good looks of your indoor or outdoor garden! Set of 15.