Snapdragon Seeds

Snapdragon Seeds – A cold-season annual that roars on the rocks, in containers or in the garden!

Snapdragons are one of the most popular flowers for both gardens and containers. A member of the Antirrhinum genus, these beautiful blooms come in a wide range of colors — from deep purple and vibrant yellow to delicate white and even black. No matter your garden's color scheme or design, you're sure to find a snapdragon to match.

The name "Snapdragon" is derived from the flower’s response to being squeezed at their throats, which causes the flower's "mouth" to snap open like a dragon. These blooms are native to western North America and the western Mediterranean, but they have been naturalized to many other parts of the world and are enjoyed in cool settings across the globe.

Snapdragon seeds are easy to grow and make a great addition to any garden or container arrangement. They prefer cool weather and can even tolerate frost, making them a perfect choice for spring and fall planting. In addition, their tall spikes of blooms are sure to add interest and height. Snapdragons are also great for cutting gardens, as they make lovely bouquets and have an excellent vase life.

Snapdragon seeds should be started indoors eight to 10 weeks before the last frost date. They can be transplanted outside after all danger of frost has passed. Snapdragon plants do best in full sun and well-drained soil. They should be watered regularly, especially during periods of drought.

Once snapdragons are established, they will repeatedly bloom so long as the conditions stay cool. In warm weather, snapdragons will go to seed, and the plants will die back. They can be replanted in the fall for another season of blooms.

Get your snapdragon seeds from Park Seed today and enjoy the beauty of these unique flowers in your garden!