Moth Orchid in Metallic Cachepot

Moth Orchid in Metallic Cachepot

An Unforgettable Gift!

23-inch Gift Plant
Item # 22533
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Create a refined, elegant display with the delicate beauty of graceful white orchids in a round gold textured container. Revered for their vast array of distinctly shaped blooms, orchids are nature's most stylish type of flower. Fantastically tall and lovely, the Moth Orchid blooms for 3 months or even longer and, with proper care, will come back year after year.

Put your Moth Orchid in a warm, partially sunny spot, like an East-facing window. Once blooming begins, keep your plant in indirect light to lengthen the bloom show. Water weekly to bi-weekly, and fertilize your orchid with a balanced liquid fertilizer applied in weakened(diluted) form. Maintain humidity by placing your pot on a shallow tray of rocks and water. Your Moth Orchid will reward you with years of grace and beauty!

Dimensions: 6"W x 23"H