Coreopsis Snowberry

Coreopsis 'Snowberry'

Two Long Seasons of Bloom!

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Fill the sunny garden with cheery daisies over two long seasons with this lovely Coreopsis! Snowberry is a treasure you will appreciate for its low maintenance, pollinator attraction, deer resistance, and beautiful daisies by the hundred!

A bushy, well-branched little mound of blue-green foliage, Snowberry gets busy as soon as the soil warms up in spring. Buds dot the plant by late spring, ready to burst into bloom with the first breath of hot summer weather. And such lovely blooms they are! 1½ inches wide, daisy-shaped, these creamy yellow petals sport a dash of magenta-red at the base, forming a halo around the central fuzzy orange eye. They really do look a bit like a bright berry in the snow!

The first, and heaviest, bloom lasts for weeks in early to midsummer. As soon as the blooms pass, give this plant a shearing. That will make new buds form more quickly and abundantly. Oh, and by the way: that shearing constitutes the only maintenance you'll need to do on Snowberry!

The second flush can begin in late summer or early fall, continuing for weeks. In some climates, intermittent blooms will appear constantly for months. There's just no stopping this vigorous powerhouse!

Butterflies and bees visit this plant frequently, but deer and other nibbling pests tend to leave it be. Snowberry is sterile, so it will not set seed -- which saves you from having to dig up volunteers next spring!

Reaching 26 inches high and about 32 inches wide, this perennial is a great size for the front to middle of the border, edging a path, and the foundation. It looks terrific in containers, too! The foliage is evergreen, and Snowberry looks as fresh in October as it did in May. You will love this hardworking gem! Zones 6-9.